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Subscriptions: Single Resource and Multiple Resource

To qualify as a reseller of the single and multiple resource versions you must first purchase the version you wish to sell at its normal price. Once your initial purchase is made, each additional scheduler that you purchase will be eligible for the reseller discount. A 20% discount is applied to the regular price of each system.

Multiple Resource = $135.99USD (80% of $169.99) you make $35 per sale
Single Resource = $75.99USD (80% of $94.99) you make $19 per sale
* Discount applied to annual subscriptions only

Script Releases: Basic Version 4.2, Single Resource and Multiple Resource
(Terms and Conditions for Script Purchases)

After the initial purchase of any script release version I only require half the price for each additional implementation of the system.

That's a 50% discount applied to the original price. Please note that any modification made to the script does not exempt it from your reseller obligation. A payment of 50% is due to Grace Schedules with each sale of the system, regardless of changes made.

At your request I'll send you a template of our business card that you can modify and use for promoting the scheduler.

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